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Global Witness


Global Witness has made there mission to highlight the issue we face with our world the the ever changing climate and our impact on it. Climate Truths were a series of live action and animated videos that interviewed spoke-people with in-dept knowledge and of particular subject matters.


On the production of the videos from concept to delivery. 

Create social media videos with motion graphics and animation to highlight key topic for the latest campaign Climate Truths. 

Illustrate the impact of corporation and there impact on global warming. Uncover the truths from credible sources and present the finding in an interesting and engaging way.

Use animation to show impact and what can't be described with words or live action.

Global Witness_CA_v14.mp4.00_02_37_04.Still002.png

Climate Truths holds the power to enlighten 

people to the reality of the role big corporation play in Global warming 

Global Witness

Global Witness

Youtube Disinformation  2560 x 1440.mp4.00_00_59_20.Still002.png
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