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(in production)

3 part animated show that follows 3 teens from the inner city in London as they journey to find themselves through their talent. Daniel, Chantel and Stephen all have skill and talent to make it big in the world but will the pressure of family and friends help or hinder them from doing so?

Adrian's Afro

(ready for production)

Follow Adrian and his magical Afro in this comedy adventure show where anything can happen and usually does. Adrian just wants to live a normal life but with an extraordinary power how is that possible? Adrian has a special skill; he can conjure up anything he thinks of from his beautiful Afro but the afro almost never gives him what he wants.

Age: 7 to 11 year olds

Format: 54 x 11mins

2d Animation

For Pitch Bible and Animation test contact:

Tiana Tigers Big Adventures

(ready for production)

Animated Children show that follows Tiana (Tiger)  through a magical apple tree at the bottom of her garden where she learns and explores animals and culture from different countries around the world.

Age: pre school

Format: 22 x 5mins

2d Animation


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